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Reasons Your Vagina Feels Sore After Intercourse and What You Should Do About Any Of It

Does your vagina feel sore after intercourse? There are many reasoned explanations why that would be happening—and fortunately, a few how to soothe the pain sensation.

Regarding physical discomforts, having a vagina that is sore right up here with getting your knowledge teeth pulled. okay, perhaps not, however it’s actually uncomfortable. And contrary to everything you might believe, intercourse is not said to be painful (and also by the means, we’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not dealing with consensual pain during sex—we suggest the type of intercourse that hurts when you don’t need it to). Even though many individuals enjoy rough intercourse that creates some level of vexation, under most circumstances your vagina shouldn’t hurt after sex—or during. Therefore if a rigorous romp has you waddling (let us be real, that is the accurate and incredibly unsexy method to explain it), you ought to probably have a discussion together with your partner or your gynecologist (or both, TBH).

Having said that, often intercourse does harmed plus it leads to an uncomfortably sore vagina. If that happens, it doesn’t suggest you will need to feel dysfunctional or ashamed. Additionally does not mean you must set up with painful intercourse for your whole life. There are numerous reasons your vagina hurts after intercourse, and six of the very culprits that are common explained below.

You, talk to your gynecologist if you take nothing else away from this article, remember this: If intercourse is hurting. Continue reading