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In a co-parenting situation, assuming there are not any fertility problems, the egg donor, semen donor, and surrogate (who can also be the egg donor, in cases like this) are all intended parents

A co-parenting arrangement might be consists of:

  • just one guy and just one girl
  • A male few and a single girl
  • a lady few and just one man
  • A male few and a lady couple

Co-parenting isn’t the identical to a “known” surrogacy or donor situation. With understood surrogacy and egg/sperm donors—even if a continuous relationship takes destination amongst the intended parents in addition to donor/gestational carrier—the surrogate/donor is certainly not a moms and dad. They simply simply just take no legal, monetary, or emotional duties for the little one. If such a thing, they truly are a lot more like a honorary aunt or uncle.

With co-parenting, dozens of mixed up in arrangement are meant moms and dads. They might or may well not all opt to live together. Continue reading