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“I feel judged”: 50 Aussie women share precisely how lots of people they’ve slept with.

What’s your number?

Just how many people an individual has had intercourse with is a thing that is deeply personal. For females, it’s additionally quantity met with dual criteria that don’t connect with males.

If you’ve just slept with 1 or 2 individuals, you’re frigid. But rest with 10, 20, 30, 100 individuals, and you’re promiscuous.

Samantha X on how best to have better intercourse. Post continues below.

Whenever Mamamia surveyed over 1,000 females aged 18-75 about their intercourse everyday everyday lives, it became pretty clear there’s no ‘normal’ reply to that concern.

We’d reactions which range from zero, all the way through to significantly more than 200.

But what’s more crucial than exactly how many sexual lovers a girl has already established is exactly how she seems about this quantity.

For the women that talked to us, some stated, club from a single or two stands that are one-night they don’t be sorry for what number of people they’ve slept with. Other people desire their quantity had been lower because they’ve been built to feel ashamed about their sex. Continue reading