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exactly exactly What baseball player advertised to own had sex with 20,000 women?

Chamberlain passed away Tuesday at 63. He previously a past reputation for heart related illnesses, and a fire department spokesman stated there have been signs that Chamberlain may have had a coronary attack.

Inside the 1991 biography “A View From Above,” Chamberlain devoted a chapter that is entire intercourse. He stated that if he previously to count their intimate encounters, he could be shutting in on 20,000 females.

“Yes, which is proper, twenty thousand various women,” he composed. “At my age, that equals off to sex with 1.2 ladies just about every day, every single day since I have had been fifteen yrs old.”

The response was quick and serious.

Chamberlain jokes abounded. But he additionally became a lightning rod for all those disgusted by their promiscuity.

Arthur Ashe harshly criticized Chamberlain and Magic Johnson, the Los that is former Angeles celebrity who announced he had contracted the AIDS virus months after Chamberlain’s revelation. Continue reading