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Violence and son or daughter wedding: the risks that are many girls face

October 7, 2015

Girls in several places on the planet face challenges through the they are born day. They find it difficult to obtain access to training and economic possibilities, and so are usually susceptible to punishment.

Refugee girls — or girls who’ve been displaced inside their very own country — face specific challenges. Domestic physical violence, rape and very early wedding are all really real risks for refugee girls.

Handling the initial requirements of girls is an integral part of Mercy Corps’ reaction to humanitarian crises. Whenever adolescent girls gain confidence, gain access to college, and accept psychological support, they could break out the cycle of poverty, very very early wedding and social isolation.

But reaching refugee girls may be hard. In order to keep girls safe, they are generally avoided from accessing the extremely resources they have to take control over their everyday lives.

We talked with Amy Spindler, Mercy Corps’ adolescent woman and youth consultant, concerning the unique challenges refugee girls are facing — and just how our work assists them survive, cope and attain their goals. Continue reading