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So what does sex-ed mean, and just why should it make a difference for you?

Provincial training review an opportunity to renew intercourse and health curriculum

A breakdown of Manitoba’s K-12 training system happens to be underway, providing several possibilities to give feedback both in individual and through internet surveys. This is a critical time to give voice to how we equip children to navigate an increasingly complex world although this review is not specifically regarding sex and health education.

While Manitoba experiences a syphilis outbreak including a surge in congenital syphilis cases, we likewise have the nation’s 4th greatest teen pregnancy price. Meanwhile, the intercourse ed curriculum ended up being final updated 12 years ago and as a consequence will not mirror the sexual behaviours for the young adults it is meant become reaching (how about sexting? ).

The curriculum must just address more than behaviours, but also attitudes, abilities as well as the surroundings where pupils are experiencing these behaviours.

We do not believe sex education is a distinct segment fascination with the training system, however a core subject in serious need of attention.

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